Fifty Shades Of Graham Grumpy Old Man,Politics So, you want your country back?

So, you want your country back?

To everyone who whined about wanting their country back:

The country you’ve already got is being wonderfully represented by the fabulous young people of the current generation, in Rio De Janeiro, in case you hadn’t noticed.

They don’t all come from privileged backgrounds; all strata of society are represented. Many – probably most – are achieving outstanding feats of athleticism due to their own hard work, dedication, talent and commitment. They are surrounded by teams of dedicated families and trainers, who work solidly towards their dream, and many are achieving their goals, despite being faced with opponents from all over the world, of the highest quality.

They are representing our country – yours and mine – with dignity, enthusiasm and pride, just like they did in 2012, and have done for longer than anyone can remember, whether it’s on the field of sport or any other arena.

So, anyone who whinges about their country not being good enough should just take a leaf out of their book. They are truly inspirational. ‪#‎teamgb‬ ‪#‎rio2016‬ ‪#‎olympics‬