Fifty Shades Of Graham Dawg New arrival – welcome, Jake

New arrival – welcome, Jake



Tomorrow will see the addition of Jake to the household here at Derwyn Towers.

Jake is a rescue dog, a springer spaniel who’s currently at North Clwyd Animal Rescue. He was a stray, picked up somewhere near to Ruthin, evidently, and is about 3 years old.

His role in the house will primarily to be loved and cared for, which I’m sure he’ll manage and repay in spades, as springers have lovely personalities.

His secondary role is to be taken for lots of walks, and by doing so, to help me to regain some degree of fitness and hopefully lose some weight into the bargain. Since springers are endowed with boundless energy, I can’t see him failing from lack of effort.

So, welcome, Jake. I’ve no doubt that you’re about to turn our cosy world upside down, but I’m sure we’ll adapt and be the better for it.