Fifty Shades Of Graham Dawg Lessons learned

Lessons learned



Tomorrow will mark two weeks since Jake descended upon us, and inevitably, it has been a huge learning curve. Lessons learned so far:

1) Sofa no-go zones can not be adequately policed.
2) It is impossible to tire a springer spaniel out. It just can’t be done, although they will challenge you to try every day.
3) Springer spaniels are a bottomless pit of love, which constantly overflows.
4) When I die, I will be the fittest man in the cemetery.
5) Springer spaniels are not in the least bit interested in photography, and don’t want to sit still while you compose and execute your latest masterwork, whether they are the subject or not.
6) Tesco’s food bags you know – the ones that they only want you to take one of at a time (challenge accepted) – are risky implements for picking up loose doggy-dos.
7) Whoever designed dog-harnesses was a genius. Sadly, getting a dog into said harness requires a similar level of intelligence, which I clearly don’t possess.

I suspect I still have plenty to learn…

Still, it’s a fun journey, and while the hoped-for weight-loss is slow in materialising, I can console myself in the suspicion that I was one of the few who lost any weight at all over the Christmas and new year period.

I’m expecting great things in this direction imminently.