Horizons broadened

A couple of accidental discoveries that have broadened my horizons a little over the last few days…

Accidental Discovery #1: In the absence of anything else to do on a dreary Sunday afternoon, Sarah and I dropped in to Oriel Ynys Mon in Llangefni, intending to view the exhibition of previously unseen Charles Tunnicliffe’s portraits (he being famous for his wildlife art…). Just before we arrived, the Association of Anglesey Arts Clubs’ exhibition had also opened, so we wandered in, without expectation. We were pleasantly surprised at the excellent standard of work on display, particularly with the work of Jenny Armour; so much so, that we bought 3 of her 4 works in the exhibition. Check her Facebook page out; I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as we were.

Accidental Discovery #2: I look for any photography books coming into Bangor’s Oxfam branch while I’m there doing my volunteering. One that caught my eye last week was “Letting Go Of The Camera (Essays On Photography & The Creative Life)”, by Brooks Jensen. I was intrigued, and having bought it, I’m finding it very entertaining. It’s essentially a series of anecdotes and musings on trying to make a living from photography as an artistic pursuit. I followed up on Brooks Jensen, and his web site contains many freely-downloadable photo-essays and books in PDF format. His work is excellent, and very well worth looking at, covering many different types of photography.