The scene of the crash, Caernarfon
The scene of the crash, Caernarfon

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Exhibition: ONE, by Al Brydon & Joseph Wright, Tilt & Shift Gallery, Llanrwst

Yesterday, Sarah & I paid our first visit to the small, but perfectly formed, Tilt & Shift Gallery in nearby Llanrwst, to see the exhibition “ONE”, by two photographers, Al Brydon & Joseph Wright. We weren’t disappointed.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we had to pre-book our visit, but that was no problem. On arrival, we were greeted warmly by Eleri Griffiths, one of the gallery’s owners & curators, and were immediately plied with tea and coffee – an unexpected bonus!

The exhibition itself was fascinating. Both photographers employ a technique, based on Polaroid instant-film technology, called “Polaroid lift” – a term that I had never previously heard. It’s based on floating images from Polaroid film off the film-base in water, and transferring them onto paper by “lifting” it from below. This is a very tricky process, and I’d imagine a very risky one, which can result in the loss of unique images if it’s unsuccessful.

Nonetheless, it produces very distinctive results. Within the context of this exhibition, the two photographers’ images are very different. Al Brydon’s images are landscapes, but very moody, and dark, in the sense of melancholy. But darkly beautiful, nonetheless.

By contrast, Joseph Wright’s are of single entities, typically a tree, but much lighter in both exposure terms and mood. One particular picture, composed of five adjacent images of a tree, was particularly impressive, with the perfect alignment of overlapping branches. Technically, very precise and difficult I guess, but perfectly achieved. No digital stitching there!

This is a lovely exhibition. Eleri told us that it’s being held over until October, to tie in with the Northern Eye Festival in Colwyn Bay, so there’s still plenty of time to see it. The visit was made even more enjoyable by Eleri’s willingness to spend time chatting about anything from photography to dogs. Visiting Tilt & Shift is recommended, and we’ll be back.