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Happy Days Are Here Again

It’s coming up to that wonderfully rewarding time of year again. No, not Christmas – car insurance renewal. That magical festival of joy and bonhomie.

The Opportunists of the Year award for 2013 goes to Swinton, whom I allowed to give me a quote by phone (they rang me) in an unguarded moment. Their “best price”: £520 (before a £150 cash-back [maybe] deal).

Current provider KwikFit’s renewal price? £315 – £55 better than Swinton’s pathetic possible best effort, but an inflation-busting increase of 23% on last year’s £256 price (and nothing has changed in the meantime). I called to cancel the renewal, and they offered to get their customer retention team to try and get me a better quote. Pity they didn’t think of that first…

Finally arranged a new policy with One Call Insurance via a comparison web site for £166, a saving on last year’s price of about 35%. Add to the saving of £214 by not renewing my AA membership (my new insurance also includes breakdown cover), then I can actually claim to be a happy bunny, but no thanks to the insurance chancers.

Sort yourselves out, insurance industry. You’re crap.