The scene of the crash, Caernarfon
The scene of the crash, Caernarfon

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Welcome to my photography web site. I hope you’ll find something here to distract you for a while.

Unlike many photographers, I’m not single-minded enough to specialise on one subject area. Many different types of subject interest me so, to try and create some kind of coherent narrative, I’ve organised a representative sample of my images (you don’t want to see them all, trust me…) into themed Galleries. Take your pick from the following…

Two passions for the price of one: Live music & photography.

The everyday caught in the urban environment.

The devil is in the detail. Little things noticed.

There are lots of interesting images to be found simply by looking down.

Should appeal to Wombles of all ages.

Exploring our relationship with our best friends.

Dozing off in public places. We’ve all done it.

The urban environment.

The only public exhibition of my work (so far…).

(More to follow soon…)

And if you’re a real glutton for punishment, you can also check the following places out…

Flickr is my preferred way to present my photography en masse to a largely indifferent world. Click on the link to prove that quality and quantity don’t always go together. You have been warned.

I also use Instagram and Facebook, but to a lesser extent. Instagram isn’t my favourite Social Media platform. The limitations to the crop layout interfere with the image on occasion. It’s OK, I guess, for presenting images in an unstructured way, but there’s too little in the organisational facilities to have appeal as a serious photo medium. Also, the hassle of publishing from anything other than a mobile phone is very off-putting. Still, click on the link above to see it in all its glory.

I’m a relative newcomer to Deviant Art (as at July 2021), but it’s an interesting medium, so I may commit more to it in the future.

I’ve made several photo-books using the Bonusprint system.