Today Wednesday, 4th August 2021

– all of them Red. The Photography of Graham Kidd esq.

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Unlike many photographers, I’m not single-minded enough to specialise on one subject area. Many different types of subject distract me so, to try and create some kind of coherent narrative, I’ve organised a representative sample of my images (you don’t want to see them all, trust me…) into themed Galleries. Take your pick from the following…

GROUND ZERO – Because there are lots of interesting images to be found simply by looking down at the ground.

JUNK – Should appeal to Wombles of all ages.

DOGS – Exploring our relationship with our best friends.

CAUGHT NAPPING – Dozing off in public places. We’ve all done it.

STREETSEEN EXHIBITION – My entries in the only public exhibition of my work.

(More to follow soon…)

If you’re a real glutton for punishment, you can also check the following places out…

Flickr is my preferred way to present my photography en masse to a largely indifferent world. Click on the link to prove that quality and quantity don’t always go together. You have been warned.

I also use Instagram and Facebook, but to a lesser extent. Instagram isn’t my favourite Social Media platform. The limitations to the crop layout interfere with the image on occasion. It’s OK, I guess, for presenting images in an unstructured way, but there’s too little in the organisational facilities to have appeal as a serious photo medium. Also, the hassle of publishing from anything other than a mobile phone is very off-putting. Still, click on the link above to see it in all its glory.

I’m a relative newcomer to Deviant Art (as at July 2021), but it’s an interesting medium, so I may commit more to it in the future.

I’ve made several photo-books using the Bonusprint system.